Test your testing skills at BugATAhon..

Follow your passion.

These three letters are the driving force for my professional journey. When I started my journey as a software tester, it was difficult to find spirited testers. It was difficult because platforms like Twitter and Linked-in didn't exist. As a result, I never participated in events like BugATAhon during early years of my career. However, it is great to see that things have changed.

It is much easier to find passionate testers, collaborate with them and learn from them these days. Regular events like Weekend Testing and BugATAhon have made it easier for us to network and hone our testing skills. As a tester, I have participated in many such events and have learnt a lot. I have also met many interesting people and made many good friends from these events.

As a tester, I used to enjoy the intensity of hunting bugs for an unknown ...

As we say goodbye to 2014 - Pause and think..

How fortunate we are..

If you are reading this post, you are amongst the most fortunate who are alive, who can see, who have access to food, who can read, who have access to computers and internet, who have opportunity to interact with thousands of other people and who are free.

You are fortunate. You have freedom over your action and thoughts. You can make choices according to your free will.

I wrote about this topic on Linked-In yesterday. Let me know your thoughts on the same.

Now coming back to software testing. I am not testing as much software as I used to these days. I am focussing my energy on ensuring that we remain in control of our digital assets and digital legacy. I am running the operations and technology, but believe me, I am still testing a lot. I am testing tools, evaluating processes, experimenting with different ...

London Selenium Meet-up - Beyond Check Automation

Yesterday's London Selenium Meetup was great and topics covered by both the speaker are very close to my heart. Both the speakers, Richard and Haroon spoke about the need to go beyond checks in test automation.

In many teams, automation is viewed as a tool to confirm checks. There is nothing wrong with this definition, however, when you look at the automation in this way, it limits the benefits you can derive from the automation.

However, when you think of automation as testing assisted by tools, you can derive much more benefits.

Both Haroon and Richard shared different ways in which they used Selenium WebDriver and other automation tools to assist their testing. Unfortunately, this talk was not recorded, but I am hoping that Richard and Haroon will post their slides on their blog / slideshare etc.

I am sharing some of the techniques they suggested. You may already know ...

Automated Visual Software Testing: The Missing Link in Software Test Automation

This is a guest post from Adam Carmi. He is a Co-founder and CTO of Applitools, a startup company focused on delivering innovative cloud-based Automated Visual Testing solutions for front-end developers, automation engineers and QA teams.

Applitools Eyes validates the correctness of GUI layout, content, functionality and appearance of web, mobile and hybrid apps across all browsers, devices, screen resolutions, and operating systems, automating previously-all-manual GUI testing. It integrates seamlessly with all major test automation frameworks, such as Selenium, Protractor, CodedUI, QTP/UFT and Appium, and is compatible with all major programming languages.

Visual Software Testing is the process of validating the visual aspects of an application’s User Interface (UI). In addition to validating that the UI displays the correct content or data, Visual Testing focuses on validating the Layout and Appearance of each visual element of the UI and of the UI as a whole. Layout correctness means ...

You can help us reach our target. Please help

Last one month was incredibly busy for us at Planned Departure . We prepared our business plans, chased our personal network for finances and started selling our services to businesses. We also moved into our own office and increased team size to help us with sales and marketing.

These things were exciting, but one of the most exciting thing was our crowdfunding campaign. We launched our crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs . We have got good response and we have crossed 25% in just three days!!

We are excited and humbled by the support we have got from our friends and family.

I am now reaching out to our wider network - our professional community.

I am reaching out to you because we need your help.

Please help us reach our target . This will help us build innovative features, mobile apps, browser plug-ins and so on. As a perk for supporting us, I promise ...

Have trouble in focussing? Few more reasons and tips to focus

As a software tester, I hope you already know the value of focussing on a specific task. There has been many studies to prove that multi-tasking is not as effective as we may think and cost of switching context in our brain is huge. That is why practices such as session based testing are so effective.

However, it's easier said than done. Distractions are everywhere. You can be distracted easily by

  • A Twitter or Skype notification on your computer screen.
  • A noisy workplace environment.
  • Your manager or a colleague.
  • A call or a text message on your cell phone.
  • Push notification from apps like Facebook, What's App, Linked-In, Emails etc.
  • Thousands of other things such as smell of food / coffee from the kitchen :-)

It's hard to maintain focus. Do you agree?

We can not remove all the distractions. We can not control all of them. However, some ...

Software testing training and experience in London

Exciting times :-)

Some of you know that I have been working on Planned Departure for a while now. Till now I was working on it on the part-time basis. However, now we have our team in place and we are moving in our own office. YAY!! My primary focus now would be to drive business and manage development of Planned Departure. If you do not know what Planned Departure is, please have a look at this one minute video.

It's a big problem. Last year, identity of around 2.5 million deceased users was stolen in US alone. Do you want to take the risk or protect your digital assets?

Software Testers - Remember WHY and WHO before WHAT and HOW

Yesterday I was thinking about the importance of having a pause button for the tester and wrote a post on the Linked-In. In my opinion, without understanding mission and identifying stakeholder, there is no point in focussing on scope and strategy. I have shared my experience to substantiate this claim where asking WHY made a difference in the project I was working on. Please read Remember Why before What and How on Linked-in and let me know your thoughts.

BTW, if you are on Linked-In - feel free to connect with me.