Top Down Integration Testing

By Anand Ramdeo on May 5, 2011 Comments

Top down integration testing is an incremental integration testing technique which begins by testing the top level module and and progressively adds in lower level module one by one. Lower level modules are normally simulated by stubs which mimic functionality of lower level modules. As you add lower level code, you will replace stubs with the actual components. Top Down integration can be performed and tested in breadth first or depth firs manner.


  • Driver do not have to be written when top down testing is used.
  • It provides early working module of the program and so design defects can be found and corrected early.


  • Stubs have to be written with utmost care as they will simulate setting of output parameters.
  • It is difficult to have other people or third parties to perform this testing, mostly developers will have to spend time on this.
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