Swiss Testing Days - Are you coming?

By Anand Ramdeo on March 9, 2013 Comments

Conference season is about to start and this year I am starting my journey with Switzerland. I am speaking at Swiss Testing Days on 13'Th of this month. It’s a one day conference and programme looks pretty good to me.

So what am I looking for in this conference? To start with, I am looking forward to the keynote from Lee. I met Lee around 4 years back in London and was impressed with his knowledge & style. For the next session, I am planning to attend Ramakrishnan’s session on Mobile Testing. We have witnessed transition from desktop to web and we are witnessing another transition from web to mobile.

I consider test automation as indispensable part of most of the testing project and I would have loved to attend next session from Dr Illnca Mose, however my talk is scheduled at the same time.

At Swiss Testing Days, I am speaking about misleading validations - i.e. how validations we seek with testing are affected by biases and fallacies. I hope people will find it informative and will be cautious of continuous green in future. I am looking forward to the discussions my talk may generate.

I will spend next 2 hours with folks in the lobby and will try to exchange ideas about testing and learn from their experience. For my next two sessions, I will attend Lee’s session on test measurement and Ilari’s talk on testing heuristics at EBay.

So you can see that it’s going to be an exciting day - do say hello if you are coming to Swiss Testing Days - It’s always nice to meet in-person and discuss testing. If you are not coming - I am sure there will be live tweets and blogs to keep you informed - happy learning and see you at Switzerland.

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