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By Anand Ramdeo on May 4, 2011 Comments

Okay, so I agree title is a bit mis-leading, but nevertheless its not completely wrong. A very good preview (69 pages) of Selenium Simplified e-book is available freely on net. This is an excellent tutorial based book and will help beginners to get started with the tool, very easily. This book does not assume any knowledge of Java, Selenium or any other tool. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this book you will be able to write tests on your own.

Now, I'll be a bit lazy and copy paste information about this book from its site.

This book will cover topics such as.

  • Installing the tools: Firefox, Eclipse, Java, Selenium, Firebug, Selenium-IDE, JUnit
  • Creating your first test using the IDE
  • Running IDE scripts from the command line
  • Converting the IDE scripts to Java
  • Understanding the JUnit SeleneseTestCase class
  • Using the SeleneseTestCase class to take screenshots
  • Using Selenium without the SeleneseTestCase class
  • How to read the Selenium source code, and why you would want to
  • Refactoring your test methods
  • Understanding and using XPath
  • Automatically starting the Selenium Server from your tests
  • Selenium commands for simple HTML testing
  • Selenium commands for testing HTML Forms
  • Selenium commands for testing JavaScript enabled pages

This book can be previewed here ( and can be bought directly from here (

Have fun learning Selenium.

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