Shared by: Agile Load testing team

AgileLoad simulate a large volume of users to test and find performance bottlenecks within a web or mobile application. - It's easy to use : recording of test scenarios is automatic, thresolds of a wide range of parameters are preset for easy test setup and monitoring - It's highly configurable : testing behaviours, real time analytics, test reports are fully customizable to fit all needs - It's complete : in a single package you get full monitoring support for the main operating systems, application server, databases, rich web application technologies (Flex, Ajax, Silverlight, Applet..) as well as entreprise application like ERP/CRM - It's cloud enabled : distributed load can be setup from a private network or from the cloud - It's flexible : scripting and test setup are free for life. A license can be bought on a daily or weekly basis at a small price.

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