As we say goodbye to 2014 - Pause and think..

How fortunate we are..

If you are reading this post, you are amongst the most fortunate who are alive, who can see, who have access to food, who can read, who have access to computers and internet, who have opportunity to interact with thousands of other people and who are free.

You are fortunate. You have freedom over your action and thoughts. You can make choices according to your free will.

I wrote about this topic on Linked-In yesterday. Let me know your thoughts on the same.

Now coming back to software testing. I am not testing as much software as I used to these days. I am focussing my energy on ensuring that we remain in control of our digital assets and digital legacy. I am running the operations and technology, but believe me, I am still testing a lot. I am testing tools, evaluating processes, experimenting with different ...

Have trouble in focussing? Few more reasons and tips to focus

As a software tester, I hope you already know the value of focussing on a specific task. There has been many studies to prove that multi-tasking is not as effective as we may think and cost of switching context in our brain is huge. That is why practices such as session based testing are so effective.

However, it's easier said than done. Distractions are everywhere. You can be distracted easily by

  • A Twitter or Skype notification on your computer screen.
  • A noisy workplace environment.
  • Your manager or a colleague.
  • A call or a text message on your cell phone.
  • Push notification from apps like Facebook, What's App, Linked-In, Emails etc.
  • Thousands of other things such as smell of food / coffee from the kitchen :-)

It's hard to maintain focus. Do you agree?

We can not remove all the distractions. We can not control all of them. However, some ...

Software testing training and experience in London

Exciting times :-)

Some of you know that I have been working on Planned Departure for a while now. Till now I was working on it on the part-time basis. However, now we have our team in place and we are moving in our own office. YAY!! My primary focus now would be to drive business and manage development of Planned Departure. If you do not know what Planned Departure is, please have a look at this one minute video.

It's a big problem. Last year, identity of around 2.5 million deceased users was stolen in US alone. Do you want to take the risk or protect your digital assets?

Do software testers need to code?

I am sure you have seen this debate many times online. You may also have strong views on whether testers should be able to code or not.

Well, In my opinion - testers should be able to write code.

I have just published my views on this here .

Please have a look - would be nice to hear your views on this.

A Software Tester's journey from manual to political

Test automation is an interesting activity. When teams start their journey, interesting things happen. Teams become more efficient, test coverage increases, communication between software testers and developers increases, fewer defects are reported by customers and so on, isn’t it? But does it happen every single time?

Let me tell you a story – BTW, all persons portrayed in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to living or dead, manual, automated or political tester is purely coincidental.

A small team of few developers and testers was working on a product at company X. Test team at company X wasn't experienced and lead tester of the team was Jim. Jim was a good tester. He was extremely good at finding defects - unfortunately he never got opportunity to work on the test automation projects. Management at company X had no interest in approach – they wanted results and they never pushed team ...

EuroSTAR 2012 - Reflection

Last few days were awesome - My presentation at EuroSTAR was well received, builders are out and I had nice Diwail celebration with friends and family. Don’t worry, this post will not cover Diwali celebration or our home improvement project - I will stay on course and cover only EuroSTAR.

It was my first EuroSTAR and I truly enjoyed it. I attended EuroSTAR as a speaker and my presentation topic was - “Test Automation Framework, Don’t design it, let it evolve”. It was in-line with the theme of conference - Innovate and renovate. I will write about my presentation in detail - but for now - let’s focus on the overall conference.

On day 1, I reached early for the conference and spent around an hour in the exhibition hall. One of the vendor (Sorry forgot name :-() in the exhibition hall had few really nice puzzles to solve. I started by looking at ...

How is your software testing experience?

The word experience has become overused. What does it convey when you say I have 10 years of experience or 5 years of experience in software testing? Nothing.

Experience, in my opinion is a very broad term. Experiences in software testing could be physical, mental, emotional, religious and social.

If I recall my software testing experience, it’s a mixture of all of these.

Software testing takes the form of physical experience, when I compare product with the spec in any form. It can also take this form if I am doing it subconsciously. Few activities which fall under this category are

  • Comparing UI elements on screen against design
  • Sound produced by the application is not according to specs
  • Application is not responding well to the touch screen gestures
  • Application is not working as specified
  • Creation of throwaway record and playback scripts

In nutshell, role of my brain is probably ...

Software Testing Games – do they help?

And one more post on my experience of CAST 2012..

I realized pretty early in my career that theory of software testing (In books and course material provided by certification bodies) and practical on-field testing have very little in common. That was the primary reason for me and Komal to come up with testometer few years back. Learning by exercising our brain is much better than filling our brain with definitions. Unfortunately, we did not spend time on testometer lately, but may be in future..

At CAST 2012, there were plenty of opportunities to exercise and challenge our brain. Every evening after 7:00 PM, ball room was open for the testing games. Testing games were not new to me - I did Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton and he uses many games in his class. I also played few games with Jon Bach at STP Nashville last year and ...