Software Testing - A Creative Career

This question was asked by Dina in SQATester yahoo groups. Various reasons were discussed on why software testing is a creative career. This was the original question I'm a senior computer engineering student and I'm really considering testing as a career. I did an internship last summer and as fun as it was, I was disappointed. My question is this: I felt the problem is that the software produced are very much alike and so it turns the testing process to a routine. if you have this, you do that, end of story. I'm not sure if that was related to the whole career or was it just because the project I was working on was like that? Because the main reason I went into the testing career (or looking into it to be exact) is the creativity, not to mention that (I was told) I fit ...

Installation Testing Challenges

This question was asked by John in Software-Testing yahoo group. Whole discussion was around, what are the different challenges associated with installation testing and how people have solved problems associated with the installation testing. Excerpts from the original question goes like this -

Currently, it is the test team's job to verify each installation in various ways. This includes running every new installer that is created and then using a tool called Beyond Compare to compare the files that are installed with the build folder to ensure all files are identical. Secondly, for each build, the testers must compare all files of a new installed build with an installed build of the last version and note that all changes are expected.

We often find problems when we do these checks, and it will come back that the install developer left something out or had the wrong version of a file ...

Scripted Testing - Good or Bad

CONTEXT - I am responsible at my organisation for reviewing test scripts for a software product in the Healthcare Arena. I have noticed a lot of repetition in the scripts.

Michael Bolton's Answer I see a problem with repetition, but I also see big problems with scripts.

They prescribe the activities that a tester will perform to some degree of precision. If the tester wouldn't know what to do otherwise, or might know what to do and forget, the script might be helpful.

They provide some sense of reproducibility, so that if the test is interesting in some way, we can repeat the steps that it prescribes.

If you can demonstrate that they were followed, you can demonstrate that something happened.

They may provide a set of steps for developers to follow, such that the developers can test the code before releasing it to testing (this never happens, but ...

Future Of Software Testing

This question was asked by Mr. Satish in Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance google group. Discussion was centered around four main questions that Mr. Satish asked.

In the event of any bad patch for software industry, testers are the first one to get fired. Developers can also do job of testing as well as their job of coding. There is very good focus on the development of testing tools, and eventually tools will replace the testers. Testing is not drawing any more investment - so how does futre look like for software testing professionals?

There were some very interesting points discussed in response to these questions. TestingGeek has tried to capture some of them to give you different view points.

Camarillo Eddie > 1. If any software boom is down first the Companies fire Testers.

Not always. I have been through two downturns. In one, the testers were downsized because the ...

Software Testing - Increasing Perceived Value of Tester

This discussion is a bit old, but you will still find it relevant if you have not read it earlier on sqaforum. Original question from Elfriede was as follows

I am preparing for a feature presentation on the topic of Increasing a tester's usefulness as QA becomes less valued.

Right before the year 2000 testers were in high demand. However, after the big hype, the .com bust and given the current state of the economy, software testing is now outsourced and is often seen as unnecessary overhead.

How do you increase your perceived value as a tester in this current market? Are you still in the testing field? Some of my tester friends are now doing Sys Admin and other type of work. How has work life as a tester changed for you?

Here are some of my suggestion - the more detailed reasoning for these suggestion is provided in ...