London Selenium Meetup #10 - Automation @ Adobe

Yesterday we organised 10’Th London Selenium Meetup @ Mozilla. Thanks to Dave for organising space / facilities at Mozilla and inviting Costin.

It was good to meet all the regulars (you know who you are :-)) and many new people. It’s always nice to hear experiences of fellow testers. Incidentally, John from Sauce Labs was also there. Sauce Labs is a special company for our community because of Jason and so it was nice to hear from John how Sauce Labs is progressing.

We invited Costin to share his experience. It was great to get insight on the challenges of testing analytics in mobile world. Unfortunately this talk was not recorded - I will check with him and see if his slide-deck is available somewhere.

One of the main reason for me to go to meet-ups is to learn something new and Costin’s talk gave me plenty of things to learn ...

Selenium WebDriver Community : Come to meet-ups and conferences

Selenium Webdriver has become one of the most important tool for testers around the world. Demand for Selenium WebDriver has been increasing over the years and will continue for the foreseeable future. Demand for the Selenium is evident from the increasing number of jobs which require knowledge of Selenium WebDriver (Graph generated from Indeed)

Selenium, QTP, IBM Rational, Webdriver Job Trends graph
Selenium, QTP, IBM Rational, Webdriver Job TrendsSelenium jobs - Qtp jobs - IBM Rational jobs - Webdriver jobs

Selenium is an open source project, it has progressed so far because of the monumental efforts of Selenium community. Many people are actively involved in Selenium community and there are many ways to get involved. If you have right skills, you can contribute code, write documentation, help with bugs and so on.

It is also possible to support Selenium community indirectly - by sharing your knowledge, by making it easier for people to use Selenium, by participating in local selenium meet-ups ...

Let’s Test party is over - see you next year?

Let’s Test party is over. I am back in London and still trying to absorb everything. I will need to write few blog posts to cover my experience @ Lets Test - this is just start :-)

Let’s Test was on top of my must-attend list from past two years and I am glad I could attend this year. In my opinion, one of the biggest advantage of attending a conferences is being able to confer and Let’s Test provides perfect environment for that.

I reached Stockholm on Sunday and thanks to the power of twitter - I met Richard , Christopher , Geir and Amy at the airport. See the usefulness of this medium? If you are still not on the twitter, come and join us :-)

After checking-in, I headed straight to the lobby and got few tips about the area and nature walk from Carsten . In the next half an hour ...

Agile Testing Days 2013 - experience report

Better late than never :-)

I attended Agile Testing Days 2013 and went to India for holidays. I am back in UK now and it’s time to reflect on the conference and share my experience.

Agile Testing Days started with a great note - some of us went for dinner and many people stayed in the bar till morning. I was relaxed because I didn’t sign up for any tutorial for the next day. I decided to take a day off from testing and explored Berlin before joining others for dinner.

Opening keynote of the conference was from Andrea Tomasini. I found it extremely fast paced and packed with.. well a lot of information on what agile is. You can find my notes from the session here . Key takeaway from the session for me were the notion of social, technical and business risk in agile projects and reasons of dysfunction ...

How to maximise the benefits of attending software testing conferences?

Someone has rightly said - conferences are what you make of them. It is possible to hear completely different accounts of what people experienced at the same conference. It could be great learning experience for some and complete waste of time for others.

Going to a conference is a huge commitment in terms of time, cost and efforts. I am an independent consultant so do not have to give a business case or take permission - but still I do need to justify this investment of time and money to myself.

My main objective to go to the conferences is - to learn more. I learn by attending sessions and I learn by talking to people between the sessions. It’s always nice to share problems, solutions, constraints to understand what works in a given context and why. It’s also nice to challenge (with the intention to learn more or clarify) and ...

Best of TestingGeek - Blog posts I like about software testing

For quite some time I was thinking of improving blogs / articles I have written on TestingGeek in past. Many articles I have written in past do not reflect my current thinking. However I decided to leave that exercise. May be it's better to show that my thinking ( and writing) has changed. I might re-write some of the articles and link them from the old articles to ensure that folks landing on my old pages have opportunity to see what I am thinking now.

However, this thought process was useful because I ended up thinking about the opposite - which blog posts do I like?

So here is the list of blog posts (In no particular order) I like on TestingGeek. You may have read some of them earlier, if not it would be nice to know your thoughts on them.

Testers journey from Manual to Political

This post was story ...

Swiss Testing Days - Experience report

Last week I went to Zurich to present at Swiss Testing Days. I started my day by attending keynote - The nine forgettings - from Lee Copeland. I had attended his keynote in the past as well and he is an excellent presenter and story teller. Have a look at the slides he used and video recording . It was the same topic but it's definitely worth the time.

I agree with pretty much all the points mentioned by Lee, except certifications and boundaries.

Lee mentioned that certification is a way to grow professionally and it shows that you are serious about the profession. Well, I am not a big fan of certifications - certifications do not show that person holding certification is serious about the job. It shows that person holding certifications has passed an exam - nothing more than that. However, Lee mentioned certification as part of “Forgetting to grow” and he ...