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Register at Webinar – What CXOs need to do to increase Test Maturity? Attend this webinar to understand: 1. Real time challenges – cost, time-to-market, agile models 2. Test Maturity assessment through Aspire’s online tool 3. Ways to increase Test Maturity 4. Leveraging innovative engagement models Date & Time: Sep 15th, 2011 at 9:00am PST Register at

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Start Date : Sept. 15, 2011

End Date : Sept. 15, 2011

Google Test Automation Conference

The Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) aims to create a friendly atmosphere where participants can discuss cutting edge challenges in test automation and evaluate potential solutions. A secondary goal is to use this unique forum to expose qualified, interested engineers to job opportunities in test engineering at Google. GTAC 2011 will comprise 2 full days of sessions at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The conference will include a variety of presentations and interactive sessions.

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Start Date : Oct. 26, 2011

End Date : Oct. 27, 2011

Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing

A 3-day interactive workshop in the techniques, management and integration of Exploratory Testing. Labels: ET, exploration, exploratory, qa, software, systems, testing Event Organizer: James Lyndsay (Consultant Test Strategist)

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Start Date : Jan. 25, 2012

End Date : Jan. 27, 2012

10th International Conference on Software Testing

STeP-IN SUMMIT 2013 – the 10th International Conference on Software Testing, we have tried to create something special for everyone – from the enthusiastic yet raw new recruit; the seasoned techie who has been there, done that; to the experienced leader who is looking for new insights and answers to the challenges he or she faces. Three different events have been planned to ensure that there is maximum take-away to address different needs for all levels of professionals. Our conference theme “Next Generation Testing: Learning from the past; Preparing for the future” has been chosen, keeping in mind the evolution of Software Testing into a sophisticated discipline over the last two decades while acknowledging the fact that the Post-PC era is challenging old paradigms and methods of working. STeP-IN SUMMIT 2013 endeavours to extract the best from past learning while focusing on new technologies, models and methodologies to address current challenges.

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Start Date : June 18, 2013

End Date : June 21, 2013